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Experiences from the Society Executive #TsogoCareerExpo2019

Alumni Society treasurer : Thabiso Setshedi

I have had the privilege and the honour to organise the Career Expo for the past 5 years, and I have had the pleasure to see how the event has evolved over the years. Over the years I represented KPMG and now PIC, focusing predominantly on careers that are in the commerce field.

Best Moments: Interaction with the learners is by far the best moment of the day. Learning about how the millennials think about society at large, challenges they face and the future.

This year to bridge the gap between the learners and the exhibitors, we had a separate Q&A session with the learners, this I found to be the best highlight of the day. This was an informative session, where the students were given information which I hope most will use to their advantage. Various topics were discussed, such as applying for International Studies, requirements for applying to University.

Things to improve on: Although the informative session was a great success, I found that it took long, this resulted in some of the learners losing focus after sometime.

The organizers should look into managing the time, in such a way that the objective is still achieved within reasonable time. Managing the learners has also been one of the challenges we were faced with, changing between classes and also classes not accommodating enough pupil. The organizers and school teachers, should look into a suitable method that addresses the issue.

This year we also faced challenges with some Organisations which have RSVP’D and not pitching. As an organizer, this becomes of great disappointment, as the learners look forward to interacting with different people from different fields. I urge all the organisations to please make an effort to come, this helps the learners get a broader understanding about different careers.

Overall this is a great interactive that is dear to my heart and I am honoured to be part of. Exposing the learners to different careers is of great importance and I encourage people to take part in it.

Alumni Society : Omphile Sehoole

This day has become a very important date in the calendar of the Tsogo Alumni Society. As a past Tsogo learner, I always look forward to the singing of the current Tsogo learners during assembly to kick start the day. This moment brings all the past memories of our time spent at Tsogo Secondary School as learners. It reminds us of where some of our dreams and lifetime friendships were started.

Omphile Sehoole( Alumni Society) at the 10th annual career expo.

Each year ways are sought out to help improve the day for the learners. During the 10th Career Expo, we introduced a Question and Answer session for the grade 11’s and 12’s. The objective was to provide a platform where issues related to higher education enrolments would be addressed. It was impressive to see those intensive engagements between the learners and Alumni. It showed the Alumni that Tsogo learners are actively involved in their career choices and would appreciate such discussions more. However, time was a limiting factor on the day. There were more questions which came forth during the session but could not be addressed. As a result, a suggestion would be to create platforms of this nature on separate occasions from the actual Career Expo.

On the day, I represented Sakata Seed Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd. A company in the agricultural sector supplying vegetable, flower and turfgrass seeds. This career path is always not marketed in township schools. My presence over the years during the Career Expo has somewhat ignited interest in agriculture in some of the learners. During my interactions with some of the learners, we had a discussion on climate and how it affects the agricultural industry and subsequently the country’s economy. I was amazed at the level of knowledge some of these learners possess regarding agriculture. I am truly humbled that I have been able to sow a seed in the lives of these learners and that I was able to impact a life of an African child.

As part of the Alumni Society, I think we may need to further stabilise relationships with our exhibitors. We have lost some of our crucial companies that used to support us. Perhaps on the day of the Career Expo, we should integrate a meeting with our exhibitors and communicate our vision and what role we would like them to play. A constant contact with these companies is what will be key for us to always provide a Career Day filled with more career possibilities for our learners.

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Experiences from Alumni #TsogoCareerExpo2019

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