Dr Faith Refilwe Mahlaela ( Class of 2010)

The Tsogo career expo was all about hope. The hope of someday waking up to a brighter future. It reminded me of the little learner in me who dared to dream against all odds. My favorite part was interacting with the learners. I was no longer a medical doctor, but could talk to them face to face to reaffirm the power of their dreams. My presentation entailed careers in the health sector, from medicine and dentistry to allied health courses such as dietetics, physiotherapy etc. I provided a basic tutorial about the requirements for university admission and what each career mainly focuses on and clarity when it came to becoming a specialist in the medical fraternity.

Dr Faith Refilwe Mahlaela addressing the learners at the 10th annual career expo

This expo offers a platform where we can give back by planting seeds of hope. You’ve just got to get involved so that our united efforts can go so much further. In terms of how it can be improved, perhaps the community and media can get involved on a greater capacity to share this potentially life changing expo with a larger audience. All in all, I highly commend the organizers and am hopeful about the future. What a privilege to be part of this amazing expo.

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