Note: This is being updated to reflect 2015/2016 year, as such what is below is subject to change.


The Tsogo High School Alumni Society is registered with the South African Department of Social Development as a non-profit organisation (reg. no. NPO 053-952). It was formally formed in June 2005 to allow former Tsogo H. School students to contribute to the intellectual well-being and upliftment of the current students and of the school. The alumni society also aims to unite alumni by getting them involved in programmes and projects at the school and assisting in planning alumni networking events.

The society largely aims to assist students in making good career choices by providing guidance and mentorship to the students. It also aims to equip the learners with the confidence and know-how in tackling life’s challenges.tsogo

The alumni society holds principles of development, assistance, sharing and upliftment at its core. We believe that the best way to empower the youth of South Africa and the rest of the continent would be to increase the knowledge base and give the youth of the country practical exposure to career, education and extramural activities.

Information about the Society