Thinking of Higher Learning

Resources that are available online are linked below. The information contained herecame from  Alumni.


There are many guides online for learners to use for planning their next stage of study. Here are a few to get you started:

Bursaries and Scholarships

This is a collection of available sources of information for Higher learning funding. This includes scholarships, bursaries etc.


The following websites have information on different bursaries available to different degrees/diplomas. They are ordered  according to perceived importance. Most relevant is first.

There are hundreds of places to find information on and apply for bursaries in South Africa. The ones on this site are just a few. Please use a search engine to find more if necessary.


Scholarships are available for undergraduates but they are few as compared to bursaries. Most universities/institutions offer entrance scholarships for 1st year university students. Almost all of these scholarships based on merit. e.g. they offer money for number of A’s you have obtained in Grade 12. Please check each institutions information on this.


Presentation on higher learning in South Africa

Higher Learning - Vukosi Marivate


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