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Alumni Profile: Omphile Modibela (Tsogo 1999)

Omphile Modibela (Tsogo 1999)

Omphile Modibela (Tsogo 1999)

Alumni Profile of Omphile Modibela, was also known as Spookie and Miss G.

I started at Tsogo High School in 1995 in standard 5 (Grade 7) and finished my matric in 1999. Earlier, I attended Isaac Mokwena Primary School in Mothotlung. Further I went on to attend Wits University (2000 -2004) where I obtained a degree in Chemical Engineering then Unisa (2006-2010) where I have just recently obtained my LLB degree.

Currently, I am working at an Intellectual Property Law firm, Spoor & Fisher, as a candidate patent attorney. I expect to be admitted as an attorney before the end of the year, where after I will be a qualified patent attorney. My job mainly involves obtaining patent protection for inventions (mainly inventions in the pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgical, agricultural, paper industries) in South Africa and internationally, identifying whether certain products or processes are protected by way of patents, and if so, advising on the validity of such patents and whether clients can launch a product or processes without infringing such patents. On other occasions I have also been involved in Intellectual Property audits and due diligence.

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Life is a Journey not a Destination

Life is a Journey not a Destination

The Journey Continues

My journey began when I went to Tsogo High School. At that time it was a privilege and an honour to be a pupil at Tsogo. It was an exceptional school that prided itself in their academic performance. It was renowned for its excellent academic performance of the grade 12s, for being a catholic school and for the discipline of it students.

I had not really decided what I wanted to do with my life post high school. All I knew was that I did not want to be poor. I did Mathematics, Accounting and Science, because at the time it seemed like the safest bet to be set for life. I enjoyed those subjects, and I knew I had an interest in Photography. There came a time when a decision had to be made so I can further my studies. I decided to go with Engineering because of the subjects I had chosen to study. It was not an informed decision I must say, I had assumed that that’s where the money was since there was and still is a need for Engineers in the country.

I started my tertiary education at Wits University ko Jozi maboneng . I was a sponge absorbing people’s tales about life away from parents and away from what is familiar. I started living my life according to the “do-not-do-list” that others had made. I kept out of trouble, no partying and far away from boys.

I did not have a balanced life. I got involved in ministry because I was concerned about my relationship with God. I learnt about God, it was fun but sometimes it was driven by guilt; guilt of not disappointing people that I considered as my brothers and sisters Friendships were made and my academics deteriorated regardless of the effort I put in. There were other personal things that were a distraction.

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Alumni Profile: Vukosi Marivate (Tsogo 2003)

Vukosi Marivate (Tsogo 2003)

Vukosi Marivate (Tsogo 2003)

Alumni Profile Vukosi N. Marivate

When did you start and finish at Tsogo?

Started 1998 and finished in 2003

Where did you do your primary schooling?

Morekolodi Primary School (Yes I did the full Mmakau experience)

What further education institutions did you attend?

I obtained BSc degree in Electrical Engineering (Information) from Wits University . I then spent a year doing research to get my Masters degree in Electrical Engineering (Computational Intelligence) from Wits again. I am now enrolled for a PhD in Computer Science  at Rutgers University in New Jersey, USA.

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Alumni Profile: Thabo Ncalo (Tsogo 1997)

Thabo Ncalo (Tsogo 1997)

Alumni Profile of Thabo Ncalo

When did you start and finish at Tsogo?

I went across to Tsogo from Morekolodi Primary in 1992. At the time Grades 7 to 9 (Std. 5 to 7) were ‘under’ Marian Middle School – but it’s always been one Tsogo. The ‘middle’ school was just a Bophuthatswana government creation I guess. I finished my matric at Tsogo in 1997.

Where did you do your primary schooling? (name and place)

I did my primary school at Morekolodi Primary in Mmakau. At the time the school was under Sister Kieran. I started at Morekolodi in 1989.

What further education institutions did you attend? (name and place)

From Tsogo I went to the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg to pursue a degree in Commerce (Finance & Investments). I’ve also done other post grad courses and professional courses and exams.

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