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ReConnecting 2001


A database of contact information setup for alumni to be able to connect with each other from every year. This year we are starting with a number of alumni years, the first being 2001. Alumni can also provide information about other alumni so as to build the database.


A number of alumni have indicated that having information about classmates/alumni from their year would be a service they would want to have and use. We do not publicly make available our general database but will avail databases that are specific to years. They will be populated by alumni for other alumni.

Who? – 2001 Matriculants

Grade 11A -2000

Grade 11 B -2000

Grade 11 C -2000







Calling on all 2001 Matriculants. You can now fill in a contact form for your specific year and re-establish contact with your classmates.

  • To fill in the form go here http://bit.ly/tsogo2001, you can also fill in information about another alumnus if you have their email address
  • To view the spreadsheet  http://bit.ly/tsogo2001sheet but please fill in the form first.

This is a new service that is being tested out for alumni. Once alumni have signed up on the service/filled in their information the spreadsheet will be closed and only viewable by alumni from that year. To make it work Alumni from 2001 have to provide their information.

Other Ways to Connect

We have an active on


October Editorial: We move on Forward

Attend Homecoming 2010

Attend Homecoming 2010

It’s already October! Time flies, and for many of our current learners it means their Matric exam finals are almost here… We wish every Grade 12 learner luck in their exams and hope for great results early next year. For a number of our alumni, their year-end final exams are also nearing and we wish them, too, the very best in their endeavours. This October is especially interesting as the Tsogo Alumni Society hosts their first Alumni Homecoming, which is the focus of this editorial.

Homecoming 2010

Alumni Homecoming 2010 is  an event for alumni to get back together, network, work and simultaneously express their support by giving back to Tsogo. Our theme for 2010 is School Renovation, but we envision a much broader scope for the Homecoming event in future. Some ideas that have been listed are:

  • Cleaning / renovating our school premises
  • Fundraisers
  • Sports
  • Cultural events
  • Assisting Mmakau & neighbouring communities

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Its Been a great Year, we look forward to the next….

Tsogo From the Goal Post

This is my first pseudo editorial. It has a been hard to write but it serves as a reflection for the last year (June 2009 – June 2010) for me and the online alumni directory. I have split this  up into 3 small sections really highlighting what I think is important at this time and some things that I have been heavily thinking about.

Where we come from?

The Directory started as an idea that I had “incubating” since 2007. It had its roots in a lot of different other ideas but at its core was connecting Alumni. The connections that are made between people form the the communities that we build. Through the power of the internet we have a new opportunity to connect the previously unconnected. Alumni normally keep contact with a few of their classmates through the years. Our ambition is to connect all Alumni to each other in one way or another. Not just for them to meet but for them to share their experiences and nurture each other. That being the spirit that is Ubuntu.

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