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The Alumni Wiki – We need you to make it work

Tsogo Alumni Wiki

Tsogo Alumni Wiki

We have been building up the Alumni Wiki the last few months. So we thought we should actually have a proper introduction to it. We wish for the Wiki to be a section where alumni can collaborate in information gathering and sharing.  For example, we have a number of alumni who send out a lot of bursary and scholarship information. We try to collect all of this information and put it 1 place. In the past we used to put this information on the Learner Page, now we are moving it to the Wiki so that it can easily be updated and changed if need be. Alumni will still be able to send the emails and the Directory Team as well as other Alumni will be able to update the Wiki pages easily. We aim to add another dimension to all the work we and the Alumni Society has done in allowing online collaboration and also encouraging alumni to communicate with each other across generations and location.

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2010 Alumni Survery Insights

Alumni Survey Insights

Your Responses

We would like to thank everyone who has participated in the survey. The insight from the survey was also compared to all the data we have gathered since the beginning. One interesting thing is that a good number of our alumni want to receive messages through email. To this end we have slowly been increasing our email group. We will soon reach 400 alumni on the email group. We encourage anyone who would want to suggest the Alumni Directory and Society to anyone, point them to the Website http://tsogoalumni.org.za . More importantly if you would like to receive better updates in the future fill in the form at http://tsogoalumni.org.za/social-networking/contact-update-form if you have not already.

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Tsogo High School Alumni Survey 2010

Fill in our survey

The Alumni Directory has now been available for 1 whole year. We appreciate user feedback and thus we would like you to fill in this survey so we can know what we are doing right and what we are doing wrong. The Alumni Directory is trying to find out information from Alumni about what they feel about the services offered. We have the website which is http://tsogoalumni.org.za, we run services on Facebook and LinkedIn, we run the email groups. As per usual, non of this information will be used or shared with any third parties. Please fill in the survey below

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Its Been a great Year, we look forward to the next….

Tsogo From the Goal Post

This is my first pseudo editorial. It has a been hard to write but it serves as a reflection for the last year (June 2009 – June 2010) for me and the online alumni directory. I have split this  up into 3 small sections really highlighting what I think is important at this time and some things that I have been heavily thinking about.

Where we come from?

The Directory started as an idea that I had “incubating” since 2007. It had its roots in a lot of different other ideas but at its core was connecting Alumni. The connections that are made between people form the the communities that we build. Through the power of the internet we have a new opportunity to connect the previously unconnected. Alumni normally keep contact with a few of their classmates through the years. Our ambition is to connect all Alumni to each other in one way or another. Not just for them to meet but for them to share their experiences and nurture each other. That being the spirit that is Ubuntu.

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