Lesego Phateng (Tsogo 2009)

Lesego Phateng (Tsogo 2009)

Alumni News (AN): Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

 Lesego Phateng (LP):  Okay…I’m from Mmakau and I have an older brother who lives in Mafikeng. He’s been very helpful and supportive throughout my school years. I live with my mom and dad. You know – throughout my matric year my parents and I really got on well (smiles). They understood my study pressures and gave me the space and time to study which was great. My family has always been very supportive! I was at Morekolodi Primary and then went on to Tsogo. AN:

We’re talking to you because of your outstanding matric results. Was there a lot of pressure in your matric year?

 LP: Yes there was. At first I was a bit relaxed but the teachers at Tsogo really scared us. They told us that matric wasn’t easy and we had to work really hard. I think that pressure was good and it got us working. But to be honest – matric is really a build-up of work from previous years. Grade 12 to me was all about what we did in Grade 11 and other lower classes

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