Tsogo Alumni Wiki

Tsogo Alumni Wiki

We have been building up the Alumni Wiki the last few months. So we thought we should actually have a proper introduction to it. We wish for the Wiki to be a section where alumni can collaborate in information gathering and sharing.  For example, we have a number of alumni who send out a lot of bursary and scholarship information. We try to collect all of this information and put it 1 place. In the past we used to put this information on the Learner Page, now we are moving it to the Wiki so that it can easily be updated and changed if need be. Alumni will still be able to send the emails and the Directory Team as well as other Alumni will be able to update the Wiki pages easily. We aim to add another dimension to all the work we and the Alumni Society has done in allowing online collaboration and also encouraging alumni to communicate with each other across generations and location.

What is the Alumni Wiki

The Alumni Wiki was setup as an interactive part of the Tsogo Alumni Directory. It is split into 3 parts.

  • University Roster – A place for alumni to list themselves as alumni of different Tertiary institutions, local and international. It also contains information on funding for further education. If your tertiary institution is not listed you can email tsogoalumni@gmail.com with your institution  and the degree you obtained. If you are currently attending the institution we can also list you. For the University Roster to grow it needs as many alumni as possible to be involved. Learners and other alumni will now have a place where they can also contact alumni who might be at their prospective institutions in order to get information about that institution, advise on what to do while there etc.
  • The Career Roster – This part of the Wiki aims to collect information about different careers and paths that alumni have taken and act as an information hub for those who might be interested in those careers and thus can access other alumni for advise and mentorship if needed. Again if you would like to be listed here please email us at tsogoalumni@gmail.com
  • Community Work Portal – Still in it infancy, this is an ambitious part of the website which aims to highlight community work projects by alumni. Alumni will be able to list projects that they are involved in and also be able to inform others of the their projects’ needs. If you would like your project listed please email tsogoalumni@gmail.com

What is a Wiki

A wiki is a collaborative Web site set up to allow user editing and adding of content – APAN.org

How can you Contribute?

There are two ways to contribute.

Send us the Information

If you are not a very technical person you can just send us the information you want us to put on there. So you can just email the information to tsogoalumni@gmail.com

Edit the Wiki directly (For the technically inclined)

You can register on the wiki and you can then be able to add information directly. The website is monitored and changes will be checked for correctness etc. You can register here. You will need to acquaint yourself with the DokuWiki syntax.