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Alumni Event: Alumni Homecoming (9 October 2010)

[simage=87,200,c,right,]The Tsogo Alumni Society introduces the first ‘Alumni Homecoming’ as an annual event that hopes to bring together alumni and start a tradition of getting together each year for an eventful day that starts with a general meeting and then proceeds to various activities. For 2010 – the Alumni Society felt it appropriate to start with a SCHOOL RENOVATION PROJECT given the poor state of Tsogo’s classrooms, offices and overall infrastructure. We are currently raising funds, sourcing donations for office equipment, desks & chairs, sourcing building material donations and skills for the Homecoming Day – we hope you’ll be able to assist with your financial donation or in any way possible (esp. painting & renovation skills) !

Saturday, 9th October 2010: HOMECOMING Day – Programme

The day will begin with an Annual General Meeting (AGM) which will allow your Executive Committee to report-back on the activities and state of the society over the past year and present a strategy for the coming one. It is hoped that the AGM will also enable alumni and those attending to render suggestions to the committee and also stand for nomination / election to the executive committee.

2010 Theme: “Facelift for Tsogo”

  • 08h00 Welcoming and registration
  • 08h15 Annual General Meeting (Mmashiko Hall, Mmakau)
  • 09h30 Break & refreshments
  • 09h45 2010 Homecoming Activity: School revival work (Painting & Repairs)
  • 12h45 Lunch, refreshments & networking
  • 13h30 School revival work continues… (Painting & Repairs)
  • 16h00 Closing and departure

If we have not completed the work we will continue on Saturday, 16th October 2010

Main Tasks for Saturday 9 October

  • School signage (Erecting new school signage donated by the Alumni Society in 3 key intersections and 1 in front of the school)
  • Computer donations and IT upgrades (Checking, fixing and upgrading old computers, printers & fax machines (incl. software installations) The IT task will involve getting alumni in the IT field to have a look at some donated computers / equipment and figure out how they can be fixed / upgraded. The idea is then to get either the admin block / teachers to use them… or if they are too antiquated, then we may donate them to Mmashiko or a school nearby (even the primary schools) for their office blocks to use. It’ll be great if we can just get the computers to work as basic word processors for teachers / learners to start using.
  • Classroom Renovations (Sourcing & Replacing Window Stays & Handles)(Replacing Classroom & Cupboard doors and handles) (Fixing broken classroom desksand charis), Replacing/Fixing notice boards, Replacing emergency signage, Repainting classrooms when needed)
  • Office & Classroom Renovations (Source and/or Fix School Furniture)

We are still sourcing some material for the classroom renovations – so we need donations from alumni and/ or material sponsorships. So if you can assist (especially with material) with any of the above please inform us using the contact details below.During the week we will try and update you with what is still outstanding and if you can donate we encourage you to do. As you can see please bring old clothes to work in for the day.

How you can Help

  • Attend RSVP NOW ONLINE, RSVP by email tsogoalum@gmail.com or send an SMS to 0836903917 or Fax to 0865 232 810 (in RSA) With your name and email
  • Donate: Link (We still need money to get all the needed resources and equipment)
  • Encourage others to Attend and/or Donate


Email: tsogoalum@gmail.com

Call: Mr. Thabo Ncalo (Contact 0836903917) – Alumni Society Secretary

SMS: 0836903917

Fax: 0865 232 810

Webpage: http://tsogoalumni.org.za

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/TsogoHighSchool

Regards Mr. Thabo Ncalo (Contact 0836903917)


The Alumni Wiki – We need you to make it work


Alumni Profile: Botlhale Mabatshidi Nong (Tsogo 1986)

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  1. amos chickzer diale

    I dearly would have loved to be part of the Homecoming Event,especially by putting my hands on the brush to recommit my love to TSOGO.Pity the 09th October for this year has been put aside by our union,SADTU, as a day to celebrate “TEACHER’S DAY” across the country.

    Good luck guys.

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