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Month: July 2009

Alumni Society Newsletter July/Aug 2009


Dear friends the 3rd Tsogo Alumni Society Newsletter has been uploaded for your reading pleasure, and as a special treat we have also uploaded an invite to the 3rd Annual Careers Expo which will be taking place in September 2009.

Tsogo Alumni Society Newsletter

Download: Alumni Newsletter Issue No.3 (July ’09)

Highlights in this issue include:

1. A brief report on how the school performed in last year’s (2008) Matric results.

2. The 2nd Annual Alumni Careers Expo hosted at the school.

3. Exciting news about Tsogo’s new Mathematics Laboratory which was officially opened in June 2008.

Alumni Profile: Keratilwe Rakobelwa (Tsogo 2004)

Keratilwe Rakobelwa

Keratilwe Rakobelwa (Tsogo 2004)

Alumni Profile of Keratilwe Rakobelwa

I started at Tsogo in 2002 during my Grade 10 and matriculated in 2004. Much earlier I did my Primary school in a small township called Ga-rankuwa at Agisanang. I attended Tshwane University of Technology in Pretoria, earning a National Diploma in IT majoring in Business Informatics.. Currently I wear multiple hats: I am a Junior Business Analyst for an IT Consultancy company, a Public Relations Executive for an entertainment company, JCulture entertainment and a DJ Manager for my own DJ Management company, Miss Kay Entertainment.

I am inspired by God and my great-grand mother have been a great inspiration for me. My great-grand mother at age 96 was the most humble and strongest woman I knew.  I believe the power is from within, the will to wake up and go make a change is inspiration enough. I’m my own role model!

To Alumni:

Keep your feet on the ground even with better shoes on. Always work hard to achieve what YOU believe in. And lastly, PRAY!

To current Students

The industry is a hard place to be in, but after years of studying and getting your qualification it will all be worth it. And choose a career path that YOU are passionate about, don’t let the world dictate your future and role in society.

My fondest memory of Tsogo, I think being in a class of the funniest and hard working students from Grade 10 is a memory on its own. The days of sitting by a place called “Sunnyside” behind the toilets during winter was classic as well.

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