Thurston Sebotsane (Tsogo 1991)

Thurston Sebotsane (Tsogo 1991)

Alumni Profile of Mosetlhe Thurston Sebotsane

When did you start and finish at Tsogo?

1986 – 1991 (Grade 7 – Grade 12)

Where did you do your other schooling?

Matsepa Primary School in Mabopane

What further education institutions did you attend?

What do you currently do?

  • Inspirational Speaker
  • Executive/Life Coach
  • Non-Executive Director (Altech Alcom Matomo)
  • Executive Director (Jo’burg Child Welfare Board)
  • Executive Chairman (TP1 InspiraXional)

I have already undertaken a solo motorcycle tour around the country where I visited some schools and community projects in all provinces. I still continue my visits and I intend to undertake the tour again in order to monitor progress and to ensure that there will still be focus on the end goal.

Interest in the initiative has now picked up some much needed momentum. I foresee that interest will grow exponentially with every visit and I trust that I can get a lot of parties interested in lending support to the initiative in whatever form that can benefit.

I launched in Gauteng, and then travelled through the provinces in the following order: Limpopo, North West, Free-State, Northern Cape, Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Mpumalanga then back to Gauteng.

I learnt a lot on my travels and my biggest worries were further confirmed; learners do not have an idea of why they are at school. They do not plan beyond the current day. Throughout my visits, I was saddened to realise that learners do not know what they will embark on after matriculating. I came across grade 12 students, who will soon be engaged in their final year exams, who have not planned anything for when they leave school. This lack of interest has become so endemic in South African learners that schools are busy producing unemployable and uninspired matriculants.

These learners need to be taught the importance of discipline and responsibility. They need to be more involved in their communities. The country needs good quality learners to be injected into our institutions of higher learning with a long term view of strengthening our economy. We will not be able to get there if the current state is allowed to go on in perpetuity. Change needs to happen and it is needed desperately. Our levels of unemployment are unacceptable; we need to help Government where we can.

I visited community projects, some of which were launched as far back as 1994. I noticed that no matter how good an idea one might have, without the proper training and support; these projects will never become successful. The reality is that, without help these projects will fail, further fuelling the unemployment and poverty inferno. I have taken on the challenge to try and assist these budding entrepreneurs to access the required help. When they succeed, community members will have a sense of purpose.

When I embarked on this initiative which I aptly termed: THE POWER OF ONE; I wanted people to witness how, when an individual chooses to make a difference, he will be able to move others to action and how that action will carry a reciprocal and contagious effect.

What is your inspiration?

I am a self-starter and am self-driven. I model my own aspirations and set them as deliverables in my daily activities; in this way I am able to keep myself focussed. I am my own role-model.

Message to Alumni

“Be the change you would like to see in the world” – Ghandi

Message to current Students

I love South Africa and its future should be in the hands of well qualified people. Currently our learners lack inspiration and most expect Government to perform miracles. I wish to see a new generation of learners with focus on the future a firm grip on their lives. It is not enough to just exist.

What is/are your fondest memory/memories of Tsogo High School?

I matriculated in 1991 from Tsogo High School; where I was quite an active student. I was head of and participated in a few clubs over this period (the debate and public speaking club, chess club, I even ran the library and I was also put in charge of the new computer room). My appreciation for computers was nurtured while I was still in school and this love affair had never ended. When in matric I got overwhelmingly voted head-boy and enjoyed the full support of both the students and the teaching staff.

Significant Achievements

  • Brand Ambassador (BMW Motorrad)
  • Ambassador (Department of Basic Education)

Connect with me

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