Sunday Times Sowetan Matric Q&A 2011

Sunday Times Sowetan Matric Q&A 2011

We have reformatted the Matric 2011 Sunday Times Q&A. We have reduced it to smaller sections that can be downloaded easier. The original file was 36 MB in size. The smaller sections are a maximum of 3 MB. We also include a link to the original. Downloads are after the introduction.


Excerpt from the Q&A Introduction (657 KB)

Dear parents, educators and, most especially, our 2011 Matric learners

It gives us great pleasure to introduce the 2011 Matric Q&A. This guide will give learners a final chance to check their exam readiness and a further opportunity to prepare for the National Senior Certificate (NSC) examinations that begin in October 2011.

The Matric Q&A has been specially developed by school teachers to help learners to prepare for the examinations. Work through all the relevant sections. Once
you have completed the papers, check your answers in the memoranda provided. Go through the questions you did not answer correctly. Remember the main thing is to learn how to answer questions. Read the questions carefully and determine what information is given and what you need to find out. If you can do this, you will be able to answer not only the exercise in the guide but other questions as well.


Disclaimer: No malice or harm is/was intended in reducing the size of the Matric Q&A. This was intended as way to address the fact that internet in South Africa is not easily accessible and when it is the cost of  bandwidth is high and speeds are generally slow.