Volunteer, be the One

Anyone who matriculated at Tsogo High School between 1978 & 2009 and is willing to link up with old friends can volunteer to become a Class Ambassador (CA) …. (as long you remain committed to act as a liaison between the school / society and your old class mates!)

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Tsogo Class Ambassadors are those individuals who volunteer to act as the liaison between the school/the alumni society and the individual’s own past matric class mates. Class Ambassadors (CAs) will be required to find, collect information/data and maintain regular contact with individuals from his/her matric year. CAs will in turn communicate vital information, requests and updates from the Tsogo Alumni Society and the school to their old class mates. CAs may also organise or assist in organising 5 year, 10 year, 15 year, etc. ‘class reunions’ as desired by members of that class year.

What are the key roles of a CLASS AMBASSADOR?

  • Communicate activities of the alumni society to a smaller group (i.e. own class year) via e-mail / sms / voice / word-of-mouth / other channels.
  • Act as the link between your class year, school and alumni society and mobilize members for school fundraising activities & donations.
  • Pass on comments, ideas, feedback from own matric year to the society and school.
  • Involve former class mates in projects and  fundraising activities for the school learners and alumni society
  • Assist in organising class reunions (incl. golf days, class year dinners / parties, etc. )and pass on feedback to Alumni Society for inclusion in newsletters & web / other channels.
  • Work with the Alumni Society ExCo and if so desired stand for ExCo membership nomination / election.
  • Please e-mailtsogoalumni.exco@gmail.com with your name, contact details and year you matriculated at Tsogo H. School (1978 – 2009) and we’ll contact you with more information.