With enduring strength and will-power, our fellow Tsogo Alumni members

  • Tumi Mphahlele (1990),
  • Ofentse Modisakeng (1996),
  • Pono Mogoera (1997),
  • Moses Mokgoko (1998).
  • Molefe Nthite (1999),
  • Modibedi Absalom Moumakwe (2000),
  • Tshepiso Bokaba (2002)

have successfully completed the 90th edition of the Comrades Marathon on the 31st May 2015. The Tsogo Alumni Society would like to take this opportunity to congratulate them for attaining this milestone.

“It always seems impossible until it is done” Nelson Mandela.

We believe their participation has brought fulfilment into their lives as Emil Zatopek says “if you want to run, run a mile. If you want to experience a different life, run a marathon”. We like commend them on the dedication, hard-work, persistence and discipline they demonstrated throughout the marathon. May this be a motivation to us as we look to increase the number of Tsogo Alumni members running the Comrades Marathon.

Some Alumni HIghlights:

From Pono Mogoera

I’ve never had to work so hard in my life, than I did to earn my Comrades medal yesterday…

Never did I have to dig so deep within just to put one step in front of the other…

I had to be strapped twice ( I can’t describe the pain of removing straps from hairy legs, just to strap on again…I think I know what waxing feels like to women) just to keep me moving…

The pain and agony of having to collapse because your calf muscle have locked and are spasming (all this on the second set of straps). Not a single fellow runner can afford that precious second of having to stop and help.

Then had to dig deeper that I’ve ever before, pick myself up next to a bailer bus, and walk it off…

Time is speeding up faster than lighting, I had 1:10 to finish 8km at the top of Pollys, now I’m down to 30min to finish 4km…I need a herculean 7min/km effort …

SCREW THIS!!! I think at one point…til I heard the voice of one Nkia Waga Mokgoko, a good friend of mine doing it for the first time….the tonic I needed, the pick me up I needed to keep moving forward and only stop when I’m across the line, or if um forcefully removed of the road…

When you’re used to a comfortable finish at Comrades , you can’t possibly imagine the pain and elation the people that finish at cut off feel, their trial and tribulations are but exaggerated tales to us…

Yesterday, after an exceptional good start, Comrades took me to the bottom of the pits, and then left me to claw my way out….

There are no words in the spoken tongues of man, that can fully describe my ordeal yesterday….I’m officially broken!!!

We would also like to send out a heartfelt gratitude to all those members who expressed messages of encouragement to participants through social media. Your support is always appreciated.

Omphile Sehoole – Tsogo Alumni Society