Tshegetso Community Projects invites everyone to join in a car wash fundraising event where all funds raised will go into donating:

  • educational toys
  • stationery
  • toiletry hampers

to young kindergarten kids who are orphaned or from disadvantaged families in Oukasie.

*R60.00 covers a full interior and exterior car wash with a wors roll on the house while awaiting your car to be washed.
*Shelter will be provided for; camp chairs can be brought along as well as other preferred refreshments.

Tshegetso is an organisation started by a group of former Tsogo students that seeks to give back, by helping out youth and young kids in the surrounding communities, also focusing on other age groups through getting the youth involved. Tshegetso was created not only for giving back, but also to serve as an opportunity for us as the members of the organisation to form strong bonds with one another and re-instill a sense of community within us and those we help.

Please spread the word.

Warmest Regards,

Rirhandzu Marivate
Communications Officer