Alumni Survey Insights

Your Responses

We would like to thank everyone who has participated in the survey. The insight from the survey was also compared to all the data we have gathered since the beginning. One interesting thing is that a good number of our alumni want to receive messages through email. To this end we have slowly been increasing our email group. We will soon reach 400 alumni on the email group. We encourage anyone who would want to suggest the Alumni Directory and Society to anyone, point them to the Website . More importantly if you would like to receive better updates in the future fill in the form at if you have not already.

Alumni Society and Newsletters

Alumni read the newsletters through emails and links on the website. There are some alumni who have not read them due to the file sizes and we will make an effort to make them easily accessible on the website for all. We will also continue to publish e-newsletters as monthly or by-monthly updates.

Community Builders

Alumni are interested and involved in community and charitable organizations. Younger alumni are interested and looking for ways in order to give back to Tsogo and more importantly to their communities in at large. We would like to introduce services to also stimulate and assist alumni in helping each other in their community projects. The first page is up here

Spread the Word

A number of alumni have remarked about the reach of the Alumni Society and the Online Directory. The Online Directory has served as an online home of the on the ground Society and has also recreated the Tsogo Alumni connections online with a lot of social networking services. We really encourage alumni to spread the word. Please suggest the Facebook page at to other alumni who are your friends on the service. Also suggest the website as it has all of the information they need. We have refined our approach on Facebook to deliver information as best as we can, while encouraging active engagement by the community.

Email Alerts on Scholarships, Bursaries and Opportunities

We have had some concerns that the emails that are advertising the opportunities are too narrow in scope, meaning they mostly cover science and engineering opportunities. What we would like to point out is that the opportunities are sent by other alumni to the email group. This means that if we do not get opportunities on other fields/careers we cannot send them to the group. Thus we encourage all alumni to share this information with us so we can share it with the alumni group. Remember if you want to forward something to the whole email group just email from the email account you get our email updates from.

What alumni would like to see in future

  • More universities and alumni highlighting careers at the career expo. (This is to help the current learners)
  • More Volunteer projects and not necessarily connected to the school. 🙂
  • A mentorship and tutoring program for the learners on the weekends
  • A way to reach out to first year university/college students to help them with dealing with their new learning environments.

We hope in future more alumni will respond to the surveys or you can even comment below with your own views. The survey is still open and your feedback will be greatly appreciated.