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Facebook Discussions

Well as part of our online presence we encourage participation from all in remembering the school and also being involved with it future. To that end this month we would also like to highlight some of the fun discussions that are on Facebook!

Facebook Group Discussions

Check out the following discussions and comment

Favorite song from assembly

Memories from Tsogo

When did you Matriculate/Finish grade 12?

Favorite Teacher

Mr. Manaiwa’s favorite sayings



Seasons Greetings


The Voice 1 (1997)

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  1. amos chickzer diale

    Aish,Tsogo will always b on the tip of my tongue.

    I have realised that majority of those participating are the crop of yesterday which is good. But can we also encourage those of years gone by to actively be involved?

    I am madala now coz i matriculated in 1989, i felt so proud when i saw my daughter,Reneilwe also partaking – she completed in 2008.

    You guys have a way of linking people really.

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