Seasons greetings to all alumni. We wish all of the students best of luck as they await their results. We wish to extend a warm thank you to all alumni who have joined us in this our initial steps in our long journey. Have a good December!

View of the Church

2009 has been a successful year for our Tsogo online community and we would like to take this opportunity to look at some highlights for this year:

In 2009 we witnessed the birth of a website developed and maintained by a number of Tsogo alumni. The website aims to be the hub on information for alumni as well as some information for current learners. We hope to do more with the platform and reach more and more alumni through it. We have listened to your comments and are working on a number of subprojects to extend our reach as well as impact with all alumni. If you have any ideas on how we can reach even higher (whether small or large ideas) drop us an email at

On that note as an experimental feature we would like to extend an invitation to anyone from the class of 2000 who would like to get working on connecting the strands of that year back together as 2010 is the 10th reunion for the class. If we can assist, we definitely will try our best.

Social Networking Membership Milestone

The Tsogo Facebook group broke the 500 member mark (This is small compared to the number of alumni out there, so lets get them joining). Thanks to everyone who has been inviting friends and the new effort for better visibility in the social networking world. Our next target is to break the 1000 mark by June next year. To view all of our social networking efforts you can visit

Tsogo Alumni Society (

The Tsogo High School Alumni Society was formally formed to allow former Tsogo Alumni to contribute to the intellectual wellbeing and deveopment of the current students. What a great way to give back to the school and also ensure its continued excellence.

You can get the latest information about the society and also join by filling in the contact form that is available on the web page. We have had a number of alumni fill in their information and we have better ways to contact them if there are any events that we think they would be interested in joining.

Alumnus Beings and Doings

Just as a last note we would like to highlight Thurston Sebotsane’s work. Read about his journey motivating learners around the country and his bike journey on his blog at
We commend him for his great work and wish him all the best.

If you have any alumnus you want us to feature his/her work please tell us. If you want to highlight your work please also email us. We welcome all types of contribution to community and all.


If you have any comments do not hesitate to email us at

We wish all of the students best of luck as they await their results.

******** Have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year*******

Online Tsogo High School Alumni Team