Caroline Motloba (Tsogo 1996)

Alumni Profile of Caroline Motloba

I started at Tsogo in 1990 doing standard 5(Grade 7) with the Marrian Middle School and matriculated in 1996 (Grade 12) I did my primary school in Mothotlung (where I was born) at Mokoena Primary School. Later I went and studied Internal Auditing at Pretoria Technikon. This choice of career was driven by my love for finance subjects and money of course, but I then realized that they were not motive enough; so I changed my course and studied Marketing Management. The deal was also that then we were encouraged to opt for careers that would make us ‘rich’, but I then learnt that for one to succeed and excel in their career they need to go for what they are passionate about and that’s when they will get to make that money.

Once I completed my National Diploma and still seeking employment, I then took up a learnership in the Medical field of becoming a Sales Representatives with the Health Science Academy through CHIETA for a period of 18 months. This included me selling & promoting medicine to Pharmacies and Health Professionals.

The most of us who have taken that learnership could not get employment with the Pharmaceutical industry but fortunate for me during that period whilst still doing my Medical Sales Representative experiential training; I got employed by a Market Research house called Outlook Research as a Project Coordinator, specializing in qualitative & quantitative research.

Three years later I then moved on to work for an engineering company called Lesira-Teq as a Marketing Coordinator of its Marketing projects. I stuck around there for almost four years and then got employment with the University of the Witwatersrand as a Finance n’ Projects Administrator.

I don’t know exactly what or who inspires me however I have grown to believe that life or my life rather has been filled with people and situations that have enormous effect on my being. I believe in God and his ways; I believe in fate and coincidences and I also believe in the fact that whatever you give into life is what you will get out of it.

I have things that drive me and they change constantly starting with my son; my family; my dreams and every special person that has been put in my world. And that is what inspires me.

Message to Alumni

As cliché as this sound: It is never too little when you give all you’ve got. Take some time out to look back into your past and that includes physically walking down those corridors of the Tsogo High school and you will actually laugh/ cry and mostly appreciate where you have been where you are and where you are going.

Message to current Students

The sky is the limit. Work hard ,Play hard. Respect God, Life and your Parents. Life is like a Cruise ship, just enjoy the sea breeze

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