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The Voice 2000 Edition

Yes, we found it and digitized it. Its a bit hefty at 7 MB but worth the download if you were around in 2000 or want to relive some memories. This edition was a special edition as Tsogo was also celebrating its 25th Anniversary as well as the Jubilee.  Even though this issue was only for 2000 and a lot of alumni were not at the school for a lot of Alumni have expressed their gratitude at this being uploaded.

The Voice Year 2000 Edition

Click on picture to download. Use Save Link As.

We also have made it easier for those who do not want to download the file. You can now view it online with less bandwidth. We have put the file online. Please follow this link.

Pictures from the magazine are can be accessed from Picasa. Go here. Please note that the pictures can be shared but please use a link to the website if using the pictures.

The first edition of the voice (1997) is also available here.




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  2. Lebogang More

    Great stuff! I wasnt there in 2000 but I enjoyed seeing and reading this. Well done Guys and keep it up! If you need any assistance please shout out

  3. Ayanda Mavundla

    Thanks for posting this! Wow, such a while back, brings back very fond memories. I remember feeling bummed when this came out – my article appeared with out my name behind it : pg 15 Why Jubilee 2000, well I’m claiming it now! For real! Tsogo holds such dear memories….

  4. Daisy Hlalethoa

    Great job you guys. The year 2000 photos brought back a lot of memories… 10C! I’ll be spreading the word about this, im certain even the older allumni will appreciate this site…

  5. Gomolemo Seboko

    Wow. I cant believe that you guys have THE VOICE from my last year at Tsogo. Well done guys. I hope people will really make time to give back to the school. It starts here and you guys are pioneers.

  6. Dikeledi Tsatsi

    wow i dont believe this …THE VOICE ..are there still hard copies ..i will buy i dont mind ..wow ..it took me back to a place i forgot for a while …i had a blast at skool..

    • Tebogo Tamenti

      lol, you can make your own hard copy Dikeledi…..Printed Soft Copy==> Hard Copy 🙂

      • dikeledi tsatsi

        i would realy love the original …

  7. thuso modibela

    we had a copy of the voice at home…until something terrible happened, eish, apparently the class photos section of it was confiscated at school because we were checking out the photos in class…shhh, my family doesn’t know yet.

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