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Economic and Investment Opportunities in Africa

This is another of our Alumni contributed articles. Hope you enjoy it.

Background (1960 – 1989)

Africa (Source: http://familypedia.wikia.com/wiki/Africa)

Africa (Source: http://familypedia.wikia.com/wiki/Africa)

The African continent has been stuck in a period of economic stagnation and decay since the late 1960’s and 1970’s. As the winds of political change started sweeping through much of Africa during this period, political and liberation priorities overtook most other priorities – including sustaining economic development. The beginning of this period of political freedom for Africa coincided with a protracted but near-silent ideological war in the northern hemisphere – the Cold War!

Africa being a large provider of resources to the world became a playground for this ‘silent’ war. Many African political leaders simply became pawns of either the capitalist West or Soviet-linked powers. The priority on economic development unfortunately took a back-seat between the late 1960’s (as most of Africa started gaining independence) and a very notable year – 1989!

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Tsogo Alumni: A final Message for 2010, A great beginning for 2011

Dear Fellow Alumni and Current Tsogo Learners

Allow us to wish you the best as you wrap up 2010. We also wish the Matrics the best of luck with their results. We hope their hard work has paid off. For all of those who have graduated in 2010 and have now moved on to the next stage in their lives we also wish them luck in their coming adventures. To all Alumni we wish that 2010 was what you expected it to be but we compel you to look forward to 2011 as a year when you yourself will surpass your own expectations.

As the Tsogo Directory Team, let us be first to say that this has been a great year. We grew our reach to Alumni as well as collaborated well with the Alumni Society. We wish to encourage all alumni to look for a space where they can fit in within the Alumni Society. The current executive committee of the Alumni Society is made up of:

  • Chairperson:  Ms. Motlalepula Phakedi
  • Deputy Chairperson: Mr. Pono Mogoera
  • Treasurer:  Mr. Malebo Chadi
  • SecretaryMr. Thabo Ncalo
  • Events Co-coordinators:  Mr. Botshelo Letswalo &  Mr. Kabelo Modikwe
  • Project Co-ordinators:  Mr. Moses Mokgoko  &  Mr. Prince Kotu
  • Additional Exec Member:  Ms. Thabiso Mokwena

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Homecoming Continues this Saturday 16 October 2010


Please join us THIS COMING Saturday – 16th October (09h00 to 13h00) – as we finish cleaning up, painting & making minor renovations at Tsogo. You can see some of the photos from the past weekend here

This Saturday, we will ll focus on

  • Repainting the computer room fence & door
  • Repainting the rest of the rubbish bins, goal posts & main gate
  • computer repairs & upgrading
  • general Gardening & clean-ups…..


Please contact tsogoalumni.exco@gmail.com or +27(0)836903917 if you require further details….

Thank you in advance for your support !

Thabo Ncalo
Tsogo Alumni Society Secretary

Alumni Homecoming 2010 Programme – 9 Oct 2010

Dear Alumni

This is the final notice for tomorrow’s first annual Alumni Homecoming Day. Below is a final programme for the day and some requests on what you can bring along:


1. Please bring some old comfortable clothes to clean / paint / work in. Do bring clothes you won’t mind spilling some dirt or paint on!

2. We request that you also bring any old buckets, mops, cleaning cloths and material, and other lighter cleaning material you think might be useful.

3. We further request that you bring any tools, paint brushes, spanners, etc. that could be useful on the day.

4. The Alumni Society will provide some paint brushes, turpentine, sandpaper, paint, cleaning material and other general repair material. Please bring along any drills, spanners, etc. that could aid in making the work easier.

5. The Alumni Society will also have a small stall selling bottled water and drinks (at affordable prices). From 12h30, we’ll also be selling some boerewors rolls for lunch – all these proceeds will go towards raise for the work of the alumni society.

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October Editorial: We move on Forward

Attend Homecoming 2010

Attend Homecoming 2010

It’s already October! Time flies, and for many of our current learners it means their Matric exam finals are almost here… We wish every Grade 12 learner luck in their exams and hope for great results early next year. For a number of our alumni, their year-end final exams are also nearing and we wish them, too, the very best in their endeavours. This October is especially interesting as the Tsogo Alumni Society hosts their first Alumni Homecoming, which is the focus of this editorial.

Homecoming 2010

Alumni Homecoming 2010 is  an event for alumni to get back together, network, work and simultaneously express their support by giving back to Tsogo. Our theme for 2010 is School Renovation, but we envision a much broader scope for the Homecoming event in future. Some ideas that have been listed are:

  • Cleaning / renovating our school premises
  • Fundraisers
  • Sports
  • Cultural events
  • Assisting Mmakau & neighbouring communities

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