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Alumni Profile: Nna Patrick Mosupye (Tsogo 1980)

Nna Patrick Mosupye (Tsogo 1980)

Nna Patrick Mosupye (Tsogo 1980)

Alumni Profile of Nna Patrick Mosupye

When did you start and finish at Tsogo?

I started in 1976  and finished Grade 12 in 1980.

Where did you do your primary schooling?

Itsoseng Higher Primary, Ga-Rankuwa

What further education institutions did you attend?

I completed a BS in Mathematics at University of Wisconsin, Green Bay, WI, USA.  I completed a MBA degree at University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, WI, USA. I received a scholarship to study in the USA in 1982. I then stayed behind after the scholarship expired to pursue opportunities in the USA.

What do you currently do?

I am currently a Business Process Analyst at We Energies. We Energies is a utility company based in Milwaukee, USA. We Energies provides energy in areas of Wisconsin and Michigan.

I use Six Sigma (a business management strategy) and other process improvement methodologies to minimize costs, increase revenues and increase customer value. I am certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt. My expertise is in process improvement and project management. I identify areas that need improvement, quantify the benefits and lead cross functional groups in process improvements projects. This includes project planning through execution and closing, to ensure that the improvements are sustainable.

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by the use of mathematical models in the real world. Challenges – using the every resource to overcome the ‘it cannot be done’ syndrome.

Message to Alumni

Even though I might be an ocean away, the world has become smaller. So keep in touch.

Message to current Students

Keep challenging yourself- you’ll never know your true potential until you really push the envelope, going against conventional thinking. You never want to end up in the ‘I should have’ bucket, but at least in the I tried bucket.

Fondest memory/memories of Tsogo High School?

My fondest memories are being a leader and setting examples for the next classes to come. Learning more than just the  ‘book stuff’, but also life lessons at Tsogo.

Significant Achievements

I got married and have three wonderful sons and a granddaughter. Another achievement was  receiving a “Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Blackbelt” certification.

Connect with Me

I am on these services:

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  1. Noosie Petlele

    Heitha Rre Mosupye! Great to see you on this wonderful platform for ba-Tsogo (made-up word)… Well, I am glad you have shared these profound thoughts with us. It is important that others know who came before. What they are doing. Just your ideas and experience are enough to pull someone else through… RE YA LEBOGA KGABO!

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