Amos Diale (Tsogo 1989)

My name is Amos Rammona Diale  who was commonly known as Chickzer in those years. The nickname was given  by my primary maths teacher Mr Mmamogale.

When did you start and finish at Tsogo?

Well I started my standard six in 1984 and completed my Matric in 1989.I had to repeat std. 6 because of the bad company I was in. I was given an option to proceed with my standard 7 in another school (DC) or repeat std. 6 at Tsogo. I wanted to go but my father insisted that I repeat.

Where did you do your primary schooling?

I did my primary at De-Wildt Roman Catholic School (Holy Redeemer), which is today called Morekolodi in Mmakau and I had 3 principals there, Sister Reader, Sister Xavier and Sister Kieren.

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